Execution Management Tool

The LiquidityWell Execution Management System (EMS)  for Eurodollars

Here is a brief showcase of our EMS product. Eurodollars are used in this example but we have over 80 markets established and new markets are created in minutes via a flexible config.

Trade at better prices on the exchanges – LW EMS.

Inserted into this page is a short video showing the Eurodollar market. Outrights, Spreads, Flies and Double-Flies. The grey boxes in the iBID and iASK columns show LW price improvements. (white prices just match the exchange with more volume

This is the way you should be seeing the market.

At the 30 second mark, trading is turned on and the 3month Sep 22 (S3.SEP22) spread is traded at mid (0.2875 rather than the 0.285 exchange bid)

You do one extra trade – the blotter is shown also. This executes via your existing ISV – risk limits are adhered to and position management is equally as seamless.

We can do this for any listed exchange products. (STIRS, Energies, Metals, Softs & Agricultural markets) We have aggregators and basis versions with cross-exchange order routing.

Please connect for more information and to look at a specific market of your choice!


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