Do you Trade Futures? Make Markets?

Make more money. Trade better prices & volume than you can see on the exchange

Implied Execution Management System (EMS)

Simply put, trade on better prices and benefit from more liquidity than you see quoted on the exchanges.

LW provide Implied futures execution across all listed markets (STIRS, Energies, Commodities, Metals, Softs & Ags)

Execute via our Click & Trade user interface or via our internal API


Single exchange (Eg Eurodollars) , Cross exchange (eg Brent Crude) and Cross product (eg Crack Spreads)

Integration – Seamless integration to your current  access into the market, be that an off-the-shelf ISV or internal direct connection.

All risk and position limits flow through your current channels.

Implied Execution Management System (EMS)

1. Below you can see the Crude Oil market. The LW iBID and iASK columns show added liquidity and improved pricing – even when the exchange has no prices at all. (Note the trueMIDS persisting throughout)

2. The screenshot below shows the order blotter for the fill of selling at 0.57 in the 2-month June 23 Spread (even though there is not a bid on the exchange)

Sample Markets

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